Use of the collected information: We you visit our website we collect a number of non personal data using cookies, and other methods. We also collect some of your private data that you provide to us on various forms. WE can use this collection information to improve all of our services, for our internal marketing and for business enhancement in every possible manner.

Protection of information: We collect data, but we respect your privacy as well and that’s why we never sell your personal information to any other company or group. We will keep all the personal data with ourselves and it will stay secured in our servers so un-authorized people do not get access of this data in any condition.

Sharing of information: As said above we will never shell or share this data to other people or group for financial benefits. However, in case of any criminal activity or fraud we may share this data with investigation agencies so they can prevent future crimes and can find the culprits.

Cookie policy: On our website we have various advance functionalities such as login or shopping cart and we use of cookie for its proper working. Cookie is a small file that contain some information and get copies on your temporary internet folder and it help us to communicate with your computer in easy manner.

Changes to this policy: This privacy policy is designed to meet all current scenario and situation. In future if we find that some changes are require in this privacy policy, then can do the changes and we hold the right to do that with no prior notice to any individual or group.

Agreement to terms: Now you read and understood the privacy policy and we are in assumption that you agree with it. In case of any disagreement please stop using our website because we will take your continuous use as a yes and we will not entertain any complaint about it from you in that situation.