Terms and condition for using our Body Recharge principle.

When you join the Body Recharge principle classes, then you have to complete the entire session to get the promised result from it. Ideally you need to give 2 hours daily for this for 30 days without any gape. If you are in Indore, then you can take the 30 days class and you can get compete benefit by this 30 day class. If you have lack of time because of any specific reason or if you are an outsider, then you can simply take a 3 days or 72 hour class including day and night and you can get the best benefits with it.

In order to get result with body recharge principle, it is necessary that you do the practice of body recharge principle as suggested in the class. If you will not practice the principle suggested to you in the class, then you will not be able to get the optimum result with it.

This is one simple rule that if you want to have tea in your cup, then first you need to have an empty cup. However, many people come with a lot of preoccupied questions and they don’t even try to understand the principle because of their judgmental opinion. Curiosity is good but you need to have some trust also on it before learning it. So, if you want to get the benefits from body recharge principle, then it is necessary that you open your heart like an obedient student and then you learn it accordingly.

When you decide to join the program, then it is strongly recommended that you take the 30 minute free session to make your mind. After taking the free session if you think you can get benefit with this principle, then only join the class else you can walk away without explaining your reasons.

To learn this principle, you must need to register and we would advise you to register only if you are satisfied with the 30 minute free consultation. You need to understand that the registration amount is non refundable because of obvious reasons. Hence, it is requested that you take your decision wisely before paying for the registration.

This system completely works on your efforts and you will get result according to your efforts only. In other words we can also say that results are directly proportional to recharging and that’s why result can vary person to person. So, please keep this thing also in your mind.

In case of any conflict, or any other issues, matter of jurisdiction will be Indore, MP, India and we are not responsible to answer you at any other places outside Indore, MP, India.