What is body recharge principle and what is body recharge health club?

Human body is like a mobile phone that keeps on discharging for entire day and nature charge it again by some means. But if you can learn how nature charges the body then you can also charge your body in the same way in a natural manner and that is what we call body recharge. Also we do the practice of this recharging in body recharge health club. In this health club we can experience and collect the energy with practice and we can stay healthy and young for rest of our life that too by staying away from all kind of health problems or diseases.

When we follow the traditional health principles, then it cure various diseases, can we say the same thing for Body recharge principle?

By traditional health principles you cannot get rid of diseases without taking some help from medicine and that also take some efforts and time. But this is not a limitation with Body recharge principle because this principle can cure a lot of diseases without any medicine and we do have proof for that..

Can I use my regular medicines while following the body recharge principle?

As said above, this principle is not against the medical science so you can use your medicines while following the principle. And in most of the cases your medicines will give you much better result with this body principle.

Can I get any adverse effects because of body recharge principle?

No matter what you will never get any adverse effects on your health because of this amazing heath principle.

How body recharge principle different from other health principles that are popular in the world such as running, exercise, swimming walking, yoga and similar other things.

If we talk about the major difference between body recharge principle with other traditional health principles, then in other principles you actually consume your energy and world is still not able to understand it. This is one reason because of which all these health principles can work for you only until you have energy in yourself. Eventually your energy will get finished and none of the other principles will work for you in your old age.

However, you can embrace the body recharge principle at the age of 2 years and you can stay fit and healthy until you are there in this world. Also, effects of this principle will remain beneficial for you with 100% assurance.

We cannot follow any traditional health principle in the bed, but can we do the body recharge in the bed?

Other health principles can’t even imagine that you can use your bed to stay fit and healthy. However, you can use the Body recharge principle while sleeping, laying or sitting on your bed and you can get 100% result and energy generation from it..

Can body Recharge principle cure my existing health problems?

Yes, after following Body recharge principle many people got positive results in various health problems without using any kind of medicines.

At what age I can start following the body recharge principle?

You can start following this principle at the age of 2 years and you can follow it till your last breath..

Can we get double result if we double the practicing of other health principles, and can we get the double result if we double the practicing of body recharge principle?

If you will double the intensity of traditional health principle, then you will not get any positive effects with those principles. As a matter of fact you will see only adverse effects if you will double up all those things to get better health. However, this is not a limitation with body recharge principle because if you will double the recharging, then you will get double benefits also and you will not get any adverse effects on your health because of extra body recharging.

Most of the health principles suggested by world are supported by nature; can we say the same for Body Recharge principle?

Let me correct you here, all the traditional principles of health are not only against the nature, but that are against human body as well. At the other hand, body recharge principle is completely natural and it works well for the human body.

Does any doctor, Yoga Experts, or other health experts also know and follow the Body Recharge principle?

Yes, until now so many doctors, professors, Yoga Experts, sports man, businessmen, students, engineers, workers, and people from many other categories learned this principle from me and all of them got benefit from it. Also, I have proof from more than 2000 people who learned this principle and got benefit from me..

Does this recharge system generate 100% energy while following it?

Answer is yes for your question. Anyone who follow the principle after understanding it feel energetic without any delay and he get 100% energy in his body with the help of this amazing principle..

How much time I need to give to learn the body recharge principle and how it is better than other health principles.

For learning other health principle you can give your entire life and then also you will not learn it completely. However, you can learn the body recharge principle just in 3 hours and you can start getting benefits from it just after that time. That means neither you need to wait for several days, months or years to learn the health principle, not you need to wait for a long time to get the results from your efforts..

After following body Recharge principle, do I need to follow other health principles such as running, exercising, timely eating, timely sleeping and other things to stay fit and healthy.

No, after you follow the Body Recharge principle, then you don’t have to do any other thing to stay fit and healthy for rest of your life. You can enjoy a long and healthy life without any issue as long as you keep recharging your body using body Recharge principle.

Is body recharge principle is against Medical science?

No, body recharge principle is a completely natural principle, so it cannot be against medical science in any condition..

Do I need to sleep after following the body recharge principle?

No, you don’t have to sleep after following this principle. As a matter of fact, founder of this principle has not slept since more than 80 days and this counting is increasing every day. He only recharge his body while in bed and he get a few minute nap that too only when he stop recharging his body..

Can you tell the name of people that founded other health principles? And can you tell the name of person who founded body recharge principle.

As far as founders, discovers, or inventors of other health principles are concerned, no one knows there name because of various reason. However, you know the name of body recharge principle and it was discovered by Mr Mahendra Kumar Taly in year 2006 and since that time he gave benefits to more then 2000 people with it..

When we follow the traditional method of healthy life, then we start feeling tired after sometime, will we experience the same thing with body recharge principle as well?

When you will follow the traditional health principles, then you will get tired at certain limit and after that you will not have any energy left in you for walking, exercising or other things. But you don’t have to worry about this with Body recharge principle and you will remain healthy and you will feel more energetic after recharging your body with this principle.

Does the world already know about body recharge principle?

No this principle is new for the world because no one ever thought about the same. In one word we can say this is a new principle for the world.

If this principle is completely natural, then why you charge a fee for teaching it to the world?

The discoverer of this principle wants to help the entire world via body recharge principle. For that he needs a lot of money for branding, promotion and so many other things. That’s why founder of this principle is charging a small fee that is nothing compared to all the benefits that people can get with the help of this amazing and unheard health principle.