I, Mahendra Kumar Taly, age 81 years, MA Economics 1964. Almost 65 years back my father used to wake me up at about 4 am in the morning and he used to take me to a nearby pond for walking and bathing. He used to tell me that one can stay fit and healthy with the help of walking and fresh air that you get in the morning. Also, he used to tell me that the cold and fresh water also help you stay fit and healthy for longer time.

During my young age this process kept on going and when I reached to age of 15 years he asked me to join a local Akhada (Indian traditional gym where one can do exercise and can learn how to fight Kushti). I kept on doing that for several years and when I reached to my adult age then also I kept on doing exercise, running, swimming and walking for several years. Also, I learned various other things including football, skating, karate, along with other forms of exercise.

Other than this, I used to walk for 5 to 10 kilometers and sometime I used to walk for 20 kilometers also in a day. In addition to this, I used to go on various tracking expeditions also having aim of happy, healthy and long life. This process kept on going for several years and in this process I tracked so many mountains and hilly areas in the India.

My fitness routine